What is The Sensualist?

What is The Sensualist?

The Sensualist is a celebration of sensuality. The Sensualist is not a sex store. We are a different kind of wellness brand. Our goal is to create a safe and inviting environment where one can explore what sensuality means to them.

The Sensualist is a celebration of sensuality. Our goal is to help you arouse all five senses and explore your unique sensuality.

Sensuality has no end goal: it is simply about bringing more presence to the pleasures of life. We advocate for holistic mind-body-spirit arousal: the space to wildly explore the depths of joyful moments.

We are a collective: bringing together products from founders who get that sensuality is core to our self-expression and wellness. Our products are selected based on incredibly high standards of material and ingredient quality, efficacy, uniqueness and beauty. If it doesn't fill a gap, we won't carry it.

The Sensualist community expresses sensuality through shared stories, experiences, poems and art.