What is The Sensualist?

What is The Sensualist?

The Sensualist is a celebration of sensuality. The Sensualist is not a sex store. We are a different kind of wellness brand. Our goal is to create a safe and inviting environment where one can explore what sensuality means to them.

We're a movement in celebration of the art of sensuality. We're dedicated to helping you experience greater overall pleasure and connection to your life-force energy aka: sexual energy.

Did you know that sexual energy is not just for sex? Sexual energy is the source of your creativity, passion, love, self-expression, confidence and drive. And everything we do at The Sensualist is to get you to connect with your sexual energy regularly. 

How does one do that? Through sensual practices. Sensual practices come in many forms - sexual and non-sexual - and we're here to help you create your own practices that will lead to a more pleasurable life.

Join us on an upcoming retreat, or read about practices here.