Stay Home With Pleasure: How to Make Your Outfit Work for You

Stay Home With Pleasure: How to Make Your Outfit Work for You

Learn how to dress for the energy, confidence and focus you want to cultivate during these work-from-home times.

By: Starielle Hope

Most of us don’t have to dress for work right now (or really any of the activities we normally dress for) because we’re working from home and social-distancing. Yay! No makeup, sweatpants, high-bun city right?! That’s definitely how I spent my first week of isolation, and if that’s still working for you, I fully support your sweatpants dreams!

I have always found that dressing in certain ways makes it easier for me to channel different parts of myself. Sometimes it is awesome to be totally comfortable and low maintenance. However, after doing this for a week in a row I began to feel stagnant, and found my creative energy, sensuality, and general excitement and vibrancy for life feeling stagnant as well.

I’m not here to advocate for any particular “socially acceptable” way to look good, or to tell you that you have to dress or look a certain way to be creative or successful. I’m here to share my own journey of curiosity around how changing my outfit can transform how I feel and what type of energy I’m channeling into my work. 

There are two main reasons to care about what we wear:

  1. To help us create a desired result
  2. To shift the way we experience the process of working

What if changing our outfit was able to unlock more creativity, confidence, or focus? Is that really such a stretch? There is a vast difference between the level of confidence I feel in certain outfits over others, and how confident I am feeling in any given moment drastically affects the quality of work I produce and how willing I am to take a risk.

I believe deeply that human beings have a level of awareness of the energy another human has put into their work even if we are not consciously recognizing this in any given moment. Why are we attracted to some pieces of art over others? Why do we talk about putting love into and tasting the love in food?

My invitation is this: This week, try going through your social distancing/stay at home routine the same way you normally would, but try on different “looks”. And ask yourself the following question:

What would you wear if you were the Mistress/Master of your own world? Of the world you are trying to create with whatever you’re working on?

We all have different elements of our personality such as:

  • The Artist
  • The Sex Vixen
  • The Book Worm
  • The Boss
  • The Homemaker
  • The Peacemaker
  • The Warrior

To try this experiment, follow these steps.

Step One:

Which part of you would be kicking ass at whatever it is you are doing or working on?

Step Two:

What would he or she wear? How would this part of you dress, move, express, talk?

Step Three:

Activate the outfit that feels like it would optimize the part of your personality you’re trying to channel into your work.

If you’re not sure, I’m a huge fan of trying something new and seeing how it feels. What does it feel like to do your work in sweats? Does it feel different to get dressed up in your normal work clothes? How about a gown or suit? Lingerie?

Advanced Mode

What would it feel like to activate even more of your senses? What would this part of you want to smell? What would he/she want to eat? What kind of music would help this part of you get into the zone?

I’ve been able to shift my energy pretty dramatically simply by making sure I shower and get ready each morning, as if I were planning to leave the house (ha!). I’ve also been having a lot of fun being able to shift my mindset from, “What should I wear that would be most appropriate” for a given activity to, “What can I wear that would enhance my experience of what I want to do or create.”

All of a sudden I’m wearing lingerie around the house WAY more often than I ever used to wear it for my romantic partners!


Photo by Enrique Abed