Erotic poems by Paige Ogden

Erotic poems by Paige Ogden

Poems written about sensuality and love by friend of The Sensualist, Paige Ogden.

By: Paige Ogden

|| inhale ||

Tangled in my lips

You dwell

Like a thick steam flirting with a body of water

taking a quick dip,

Running it's finger tip

gently over her physique, just to tickle her fancy

I suck you in

& trip

Like a ghost

to never let go

I feel a tingle

You do that to me

Damn, Did I form a halo?

Give me that feeling

I'm addicted

I need your touch

It's vindictive

You flirt with my lips again

Playing hard to get

My desire to feel your whole being in my mouth, and then my mind, my body,

My soul

In my bones

I feel you on my tongue

& In my throat

Then back on my lips

I slip

& exhale, oh so Devine

You lady,

Are mighty fine

I share the wealth I feel from your seduction

Pass you round n round

Suddenly I'm lifted

off the ground,

To feel no more pain

& I whisper,

Welcome home,

Mary Jane.


| lustlost | 

Losing my grip

As you tighten yours on my hips

Lust spoke through thrusts

Encrypted in my mind 

The blurred lines

I try to refine 

Trust my mind to shoot me a sign

Words over-thought 

Lines redesigned 

Rehearsed & reversed 

A sacrificed lifeline 

& quite frankly,

a waste of my time 

But you can't control 

feelings in the soul

cries down my spine

what's 2 nickels to a dime

more than a 6th sense of mind

Sunny with a chance of sin

Deeper than what’s on the outside

you have 2 look within,

as promised, the silver lining is there....

although it appears to be thin.

|| maybe ||

Lemme peak into your satisfaction,

I see you can sneak the smile, how you do that in this infinite Abyss of


Like Maybe

it's the lethal attraction.

Like maybe

You Tryna fuck me like you love me

Like maybe

Tongue kiss me like you miss me


Really you tryna contemplate

Maybe choosing between pities

But yo, I'm not delirious

I know what this is





Like maybe

You didn't hear me


I said I wanna French kiss. 


All photos by Sam Livm. Find his work on Instagram @Samlivm4