Stay Home With Pleasure: Finding Peace in the Unknown

Stay Home With Pleasure: Finding Peace in the Unknown

How are you staying sane during self-isolation? We could all use some inspiration and support. Read our tips for staying joyful, sensual and connected during this time.

By: Schuyler Biedron

I think one of the most beautiful things that has come from this pandemic is our desire to help comfort each other in any way we can; brands are offering free classes online, people are sharing meditation and self-care tips, we are connecting through funny memes and delicious recipes and soothing playlists. 

I have always been a proponent of solitude and self-care, but fell in love with the rituals even more about two years ago when I entered sobriety from drugs and alcohol. At that time, I felt so powerless, so scared, so insecure and uncomfortable in my own skin. I had no outlet to escape anymore; nothing to take the edge of life off. I felt alone and isolated. But it was in that isolation that I was able to discover what true self-care looked like for me; what I needed to do for myself to feel good and relaxed in a world that was consistently out of my control. 

I have learned that true self-care does not always look like a beach vacation, shopping spree or overly-priced massage, it is much more simple, and much more attainable. It is light touch and smell and prayer and quiet and gratitude. And most importantly, it can be accessed wherever you are, no matter what is happening. 

As you’ve probably seen, there are many self-care lists being shared on the internet right now by some lovely humans. However, if you’re interested in a few more suggestions, below are some of the things I am doing to care for my mind, body and soul during this shared state of isolation. 

Remember, sometimes self-care looks like treating yourself to a fancy lotion, and sometimes it means sitting on your I-need-to-vacuum-this-fucking-rug and meditating on what you already have. I hope you find this list helpful, and encourage you to use this time to discover what genuine self-care looks and feels like for you! Please be well and stay safe. 

My Mind

  • I am meditating with Calm and Insight Timer 
  • I am reading a Daily Meditation, my favorite being Pema Chödrön’s Comfortable with Uncertainty
  • I am writing down my resentments and looking at where I have been selfish 
  • I am apologizing
  • I am reading The Power of Now and The Sensualist Blog and Elephant Journal
  • I am praying to my Higher Power for strength and kindness and humility 
  • I am sending morning gratitude lists to a friend 
  • I am crying and laughing and being patient with my cravings 

My Body

  • I am eating fruit and candy and kale and cheeseburgers 
  • I am walking and hiking and attempting sit-ups 
  • I am being lazy and napping and sleeping in 
  • I am treating myself with Everyday Oil and appreciating each scent I smell 
  • I am being honest with the Intuitive Eating Workbook
  • I am taking daily showers and baths with epsom salt and jasmine 
  • I am stretching in front of the television 
  • I am wearing cozy socks and braiding my hair 

My Soul

  • I am listening to jazz and ocean waves and Taylor Swift and broadway 
  • I am watercoloring (even though I’m not very good!)
  • I am skateboarding 
  • I am cleaning and organizing and rearranging
  • I am relaxing with honey tea and hot chocolate 
  • I am snuggling with my partner 
  • I am having sex and masturbating when it feels right 
  • I am staying close to recovery and loved ones via text, calls and Zoom 
  • I am lighting candles and hibernating in warm blankets 
  • I am asking you how you are doing 
  • I am trying my best

Schuyler Biedron (also known as Sky, or Shoe!) is training to become a Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles. She also runs an emotional wellness newsletter, Loving Shares by Shoe, that includes learnings from her psychology studies, insight gained from her own funny, honest experiences, favorite quotes from those much wiser, and more. To sign up, please email


Photo by Enrique Abed