Meet Harper: The New York Designer

Meet Harper: The New York Designer

Get to know our muse, Harper. She shares her Brooklyn apartment with us, her collection of lingerie and how she prioritizes me-time.

By: Harper

Tell us about yourself

My day job is that I am a director of public relations at a private equity firm. I am also working on my passion project of creating an inclusive clothing and lifestyle brand. I think of it as a platform for upcoming artists to showcase their work. We collaborate with them to create limited-run prints and designs unique to our brand and a portion of the proceeds go to benefit our favorite charities in the arts and education.

I am also involved with Step-Up which provides mentorship to young girls in under-resourced communities to help them fulfill their education and career goals; LadiesGetPaid which coaches women on career and salary negotiations and City Meals on Wheels.

How old are you?


Where do you live?

I have lived in Brooklyn for the past 6 yrs but have been a NYC girl for 30 years. I live with my amazing dog, he’s a bundle of love.

Are you single, married, divorced, in a relationship?

I was married but divorced 13 yrs ago and I’m currently single.

What was your relationship to sex like growing up? 

I was always curious from a young age. Growing up I did feel confident, to explore my sexuality. From an early age, around 16, I had boyfriends that were very exploratory. It meant that I did experiment with some intercouple mingling. I would describe myself as heterosexual but I love the thrill of experimenting.

What were the events in your life that have made you the woman you are today?

I’ve lived many lives. Being married, then divorced. Being in an abusive relationship, being a supportive partner to my terminally ill boyfriend who later passed have all made me the woman I am today. I am strong and resilient but full of joy and life thanks to my friendships and love for adventure.

What are the things you are still excited to explore in your sexual life?

A trusting relationship where we get to explore and have fun with our fantasies.

Do you have any sexual insecurities or hangups? How do you cope with these?

There are insecurities with every partner and you work through them together. I appreciate when my partner verbalizes his adoration for me. It makes me more comfortable and willing to try new things. It helps me to not over think things.

How do you connect with your sensuality?

 I love to take baths with all sorts of luxurious products. Candles, masturbating… I like to use all sorts of products. I love amazing wine and champagne! I don't save nice bottles for a special occasion - every day is worth celebrating. Life is too short to drink bad wine.

How do you manage your schedule to make time for yourself?

I do not make social plans on Monday and Tuesday and ofter use Sundays as a wellness day where I'll go to Shape House, walk my dog, do yoga, go for a run in my neighborhood or have a quiet night in with amazing wine and a movie.


All photos by Isabella Bejarano