Phoenix Wings

Phoenix Wings

A three part poem celebrating love, sensuality, safety in relationship, play, bdsm, pleasure, and the transcendent power of sex.

By: Lorna Shannon

The most exotic places exist
within the erotic, erogenous zones
of my flesh.
Light me up,
I’m pulsating with
frenzied breathe.

Chasing the shadow self
In a game of tag to see
who will take center stage tonight.

And away we go —
You take me into your arms,
Taste me in your mouth.
I take you into me.

This flower blossoms before you
and my souls essence flutters about —
mingling with your play.
Finding shady corners to drive out the darkness,
Spreading your light throughout my being.

Ignite me
I’m in flight
Learning to spread these Phoenix wings.

I breathe deeply, and
all at once it feels like I’m falling,
and being pulled in —
bound by the gravity of your embrace.

I stand strong, tethered to you.
The space between us,
an illusion of the mind —
the heart knows better.
Your attentive gaze
catches my eyes
as they dart around the room,
looking for an anchor.

They land on you
and I am home.

Your firm and gentle hands
hold all of me,
without clutching
at a conventional idea
of this woman who
simply loves you.

You calmly call my
body, mind, and spirit to ease,
full of grounded intention
and playful curiosity.

And I have this notion
that maybe if I let go a little more
your grip will release me

from the confines of time and space.

Tie me up.
My brain has lost
all sense of language,
My writhing says all
my tongue cannot.

Sweet music pours out of my mouth
like wine
I’m overflowing —

with earthly, guttural rhythms and groans,
tuning us to each other’s pitch
Life force soothes this fever,
as I swell,

my lips quiver for your desire to
devour me whole.

The frequency of love vibrates
my fingertips
vibrates my toes,
my brain cells dancing.

It deepens my breath—

inspires my desire
as it trickles down my thigh,
grasping a gasp as I whisper a
resounding “yes,

Restrained on the surface,
unraveling inside.
Love’s contradictions
bend and twist
melting in a blissfully
binding bond,
merging sensual body
with ascending mind.

Lorna Shannon, 36 is a model, poet, dancer and teacher. You can find her on Instagram @Lorna_Shannon and on Facebook here.

Photos are by Steve Peisner, who captured Lorna and her partner while they were in the process of falling in love.