A poem on divine connection

A poem on divine connection

"This poem was written about the type of emotional and spiritual connection I want to cultivate with a partner"... A poem written by The Sensualist community member, Meredith Baker. 

By: Meredith Baker

Barely touching  

Stubble to skin

Inch by inch, as we begin to breathe in

Savoring, syncing til we’re in the same flow

Relaxing into the trust to fully let go 

How do you like it? I’m excited to learn 

Soaked in your studies until it’s my turn 

Gently, your fingers make their way down my spine

Circular touches til I start to unwind

Slow and steady for minutes on end 

As I lose control and time starts to bend 

All of the power in one focused spot

The walls start to melt and my blood’s pumping hot 

Once I’ve entered the vibrational bliss

I pull you into the deep swirling abyss

And acting as one pulsing singularity

We move in waves of overpowering clarity

Until you too are taken over by sensation 

And we both take a sigh at the highest vibration 

Afterwards we lay silent with tangles of fingers

Marinating in the moment as the feeling still lingers 

And as I wake from this dream and slip into the day

I wanted to send this energy your way 

A stolen thought, a kiss, and my dear, I am sold 

Until then, I replay a story yet to unfold 


Photo by Justin Rosenberg