A Sensual Revolution: Our 2020 Predictions

A Sensual Revolution: Our 2020 Predictions

Read our predictions for wellness, sexuality and culture in 2020. Welcome to the beginning of a sensual revolution.

By: Arielle Aquino

These are our predictions for 2020, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  1. Return to a slower pace of life

For the past two decades, technological innovation has been accelerating at a breakneck pace. We're able to consume information more easily but to what effect? The experience of sitting down with a beautiful magazine and a cup of tea, turning the pages slowly, and experiencing it with all of our senses has collapsed as we flick through articles on our phone while commuting on the train. Print is not disappearing, instead we believe 2020 will see a spike in consumption of print content. We are big fans of the experience of pouring over a beautifully published magazine, feeling the pages with your fingers, holding the photos in your hands. You retain more information and spend more time contemplating what you've read when you read something physical and we love that slow sensual experience.

  1. Deeper human connection

Again, as technology has made the world smaller, it has also made us more isolated from one another. We may be communicating more frequently but that type of communication is often superficial. You may communicate with the same person via text, Instagram DM, WhatsApp chat, Facebook comment all in one day but you likely won’t hear their voice, see their face or touch their skin. We’re speaking more frequently but we’re not going as deep. 

So now, we’re craving that real human connection again, the kind that gets at our true nature and our inner soul. We expect more vulnerability on social media and less polished content: a way for us to actually relate to one another again in our authentic human experience. 

We predict people will opt for more connection workshops, dinners and in-person activities over Facetime dates and Netflix hangs. The Sensualist will be coming to you with lots of these opportunities to connect in 2020!

  1. Loosening of strict sexual identities

As the definition of sexuality and gender identities broadens, we’ll be exposed to new ways of thinking about arousal. We predict that a greater societal acceptance of sexual preferences will mean greater tolerance not only for one another, but for ourselves. Our sexual preferences will become more fluid, meaning we’ll accept the fact that we’ll go through periods of time of being super into one thing (like BDSM or threesomes for example), and then a period of time of being uninterested in it. We’ll stop defining ourselves as our sexual preferences, understanding that they can change and evolve with different partners and different life experiences. We won’t think of products as being for women or for men. We’ll be creative in our play. For example, we love universal products like the Mystery Vibe Crescendo that can be used in so many different ways by different people.

We’ll be more open to experimentation: learning from those who are different from us and picking up new pieces of information about ourselves as we react to new experiences. Our ease of access to information means we’ll learn more about sex and be able to share information and stories between people from different walks of life more easily. Be part of that sharing community by contributing your experience here

  1. Balancing of yin and yang energy

For as long as we can remember, energy in the sex space has been heavily yang or, as it’s often described as, masculine. We prefer using the words “yin” and “yang” to describe so-called feminine and masculine energy because it’s more inclusive of all gender identities and also more easily describes the energy that each of us has. For we all possess both yin and yang energy, regardless of our gender makeup.

There’s a spectrum of dominance within those two complementary energies, and each of us skews more heavily yin or yang. Some people are predominately yin-dominant all of the time, others are yin-dominant with some people and yang-dominant with others.

As a society, we’ve gone through a long period of time defining sex and sexuality through the yang lens. You can see this in advertising, marketing, movies, porn and erotic media. Primarily it manifests as a more aggressive, more explicit visual representation of sex and women. 

There’s nothing wrong with that - it’s one perspective - but we believe that the 2020s will see a re-balancing of yin. We’ll start to see a more suggestive, subtle aesthetic that appeals to all of our other senses apart from sight. 

We’ll evolve from thinking about sex merely as the act. We’ll start to include all the ways in which the senses interact to create a sensual experience to arouse the body, mind and spirit. That is the yin energy, regardless of how you are aroused.

  1. Sex as nature

Sex has become a sort of commodity that we use to buy and sell things. What is “sexy” has been watered down to one perspective and all the nuances have been stripped away. When we think of the current media-defined image of sexy it’s often a thin, white woman wearing black or red lace with tousled hair lying on a bed in a dimly lit room. As we evolve as a society, we’ve become bored with this and we’re no longer accepting it as our universal definition. 

For sex is not one thing that is defined by advertisers and adopted by society. Sex is simply a part of us as human beings. We all possess sexuality. It is complicated and unique and loud and messy. It can also be simple, quiet and soft. It isn't necessarily one thing all the time. It is simply our natural instincts, our human connection, our rawness and we are always evolving.

We predict that in the next decade we’ll start to return to our real, intrinsic sexual nature. It will be less about trying to be sexy and more about sharing our natural sexiness. It will be less about what we think looks sexy and more about how we feel sexy. It will be about sensuality - how we are active participants in our arousal through the use of our senses and that arousal is what occurs naturally without thinking about it too much.

Jump into the next decade with us. The sensual revolution is here!