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How to Ask For What You Want In Bed

Starielle Hope
Voicing what you want in the bedroom can be scary but we're here to give some helpful tips to make this less intimidating and more pleasurable for all.

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Mind and Body

Mind and Body

I have sometimes found that there is a disconnect between my mind and my body... it can be difficult to live in the present. Read Sensualist community member, K.G.'s personal journey with sensuality and holistically healing herself.

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The Yin and Yang of Sensuality

We asked Sensualist community member, Gil for his thoughts on sensuality. We're thrilled to share our first male perspective of sensuality, his experience with it in his relationships and how it differs between relationships with men vs. women.

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The Elongation of Desire

Josefina Bashout 
"Could you be resisting the good and placing a limit on how much of your desires you’re allowed to receive?" Read Josefina's article on how to increase your pleasure potential through the feminine approach of slowing down and learning to dance through the process of receiving.

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Chronic Pain & Pleasure

Princess Camellia
"The only thing harder than growing up Black in the American south, was growing up smart, Black, Queer, and disabled in these predominantly White places, where physicality was built into the culture as glorified. So I began to glorify my body."

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Vitamin S. E. X.

"How many shameful acts must it take for me to liberate myself? It's all hush hush for us, Pakistani women..." Chaleya's story is a powerful tale of embracing her sensuality, against all odds.

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