The Sensualist 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

The Sensualist 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

We're gifting Pleasure for All this holiday season with gifts and bundles for all the loves in your life. From your best friend, your sister, your mother-in-law or yourself... this is the perfect year to give the gift of pleasure. Follow our gift guide below for options to surprise and delight everyone on your list this year. 

For Friends

Shopping for your best friend, a co-worker or maybe a new acquaintance? This year, give something unique, playful and sure to brighten up their holiday season.

For Your BFF

For the girl who has everything, this kit includes Precipice Magazine filled with gorgeous sensual photography, fascinating articles on sex and psychology and inspiring poems and personal stories that will be perfect for her stylish coffee table. Next up is Soothe - a calming moisturizing cream to heal chapped and irritated skin (safe to use on the vulva or anywhere!) and the Satisfyer One air-pulsing vibrator (the latest in pleasure technology).

For The Environmentally Conscious One

For the green-juice loving, environmentally conscious plant person in your life, this kit will give them everything they need to honor their body while being kind to the earth. Botanical Smoke is an all-natural blend of flowers and herbs for relaxation and heart-opening benefits. Happy Clam Everyday Oil is designed to keep the vulva happy, healthy and moisturized. This one-of-a-kind oil contains CBD (derived from organically grown hemp) which helps moisturize the vulva and alleviate inflammation and pain. Finally, this kit includes the world’s first recyclable and biodegradable vibrator! Sustainable pleasure is the best kind, and they’re sure to appreciate this guilt-free orgasm aid.

For The New Mom In Your Life

Is there a new baby in your life? That means there is also a new mom who deserves some extra love and support. This holiday season, pamper her with luxury & comfort that will help her rediscover her powerful and beautiful new body with a luscious Neroli & Argan Oil for all-body moisture. For her intimate skin, we've included travel sizes of each of our favorite Rosebud products; specially formulated for the vulva and particularly good for healing scar tissue and tearing. Heal naturally with plant-derived ingredients, formulated with gynecologists for this sensitive and delicate skin. Finally, help her get some much needed shut-eye with a silk pillowcase and eye mask set. The perfect gift set to show her some tender loving care.

For The Indulgent One

The gift to give the friend who is always running late; the one who frequently cancels dinner plans to stay in; and the one with a 15-step skincare ritual. This is the friend you admire for always putting themself first; and making sure to take time for self-care and little indulgences. They prefer the finer things in life and love spending time getting ready - whether it's for a fancy night out or a scrumptious night in. The 45-Minute Bath Ritual is the perfect gift to give to anyone who loves taking their time. They'll sip the tea preferred by Ancient Egyptians, soak in rose petals and coconut milk and indulge in a deliciously rich body oil. 

For The Spiritualist

For the yoga-loving, zen-seeking, spiritual light in your life - this kit will bring spirituality to their sensual practice. The woodsy, purifying Meditation Oil will allow them to awaken the senses and settle into meditation using the sense of smell as a guide into deeper realms of consciousness. Also included in this kit is Blue Lotus tea which was sacred to the ancient Egyptians. The bright-blue flowers were not only desired for their delightful perfume, but also for the relaxation and heightened awareness they induce. Finally, the Heart Curve will help them unlock new realms of sensual exploration with the healing and heart-opening properties of rose quartz. Pleasure can be sacred with this meditation kit.

For Your Love

Whoever they are - the new person you're dating or your spouse of many years, gifts are so much more fun when they're enjoyed together.

For Your Long-Distance Lover

Are you and your lover long-distance? This kit was specially designed with you in mind. For a sexy phone-date idea, call your partner and apply Arouse - a stimulating serum that brings blood flow to the genitals - as your partner describes all the naughty things they'd like to do to you. When you're amply turned on, switch on Rave and allow them to tease and pleasure you as they control the toy remotely through the paired app.



The Elevate Kit contains everything you need for a full evening of sensual exploration. Start by drinking a cup of Blue Lotus Tea, revered by the ancient Egyptians for it's calming and euphoric effects; it's the perfect aphrodisiac to set the mood. Next apply Arouse, a plant-based serum for increased sensation during sensual touch and foreplay. Take turns wearing the silk blindfold and teasing one another; removing the sense of sight brings heightened awareness to your other senses. Slip the silk pillowcase over a pillow and prop under your hips during penetrative sex... there is literally nothing better than the feeling of silk as you make love with your partner! Finally, the included vibrator was designed with couples in mind. There's an easy to grip notch so you can easily hold it in place during sex without it getting in the way.

Are you two tech-obsessed? Easily bored and always on the hunt for something new to explore? The Crescendo is the tool for you. With 6 motors, 30+ downloadable patterns, varying intensities, and a flexible body that transforms into different shapes you'll always find new way to play with this versatile pleasure tool.
It's also bluetooth-enabled and can be synced to an app for ease of control, allowing you or your partner to control it from your phone. Happy exploring!

For Family

You may not immediately think of The Sensualist for the family's Christmas list, but don't forget, pleasure is for everyone. Whether it's the enjoyment of a calming tea or the scent of a new body oil, we invite the whole family back to their bodies this season. 

For The Matriarch

While we may live in a patriarchal society, it’s usually the matriarch of the family that actually runs the show. But she’s often too preoccupied with anyone else to take care of herself! Let's show her some TLC with our calming Blue Lotus Tea, indulgent Lavender and Hibiscus bath soak, and deliciously silky Neroli & Argan Body Oil. Combine all of these to make one happy self-cared head of the family! 

For Those Who Need Some TLC

When you’re stuck with your family for the holidays, everyone needs alone time to recharge. This 45-Minute Bath Ritual kit is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a break (how about all of those moms who have been homeschooling for months?!) Sipping the Blue Lotus Tea, they’ll feel a wash of naturally calming effects take over their nervous system. During the bath, allow the Coco Soak to dissolve entirely into the warm bath waters all while you massage in the Radiant Bath & Body Oil into your skin. Your loved one will feel refreshed, nourished and affectionately cared for this holiday season.

The Stocking Stuffer

What’s a product that meets all criteria for a thoughtful gift? The Suma Root Powder literally is known as ‘para toda’, which means "for all things” used as an energy and rejuvenating tonic; and as a general cure-all for many types of illnesses. Suma has been used as an aphrodisiac, a calming agent, and to treat ulcers for at least 300 years in Brazil. Great for anyone on your list, including both men and women. This year, I’ll be gifting Suma to my brother for a natural energizer to bring vitality to his days.

For Yourself

Don’t forget to gift yourself something special this holiday season. 2020 has been rough for everyone, which includes you! If there ever was a time to show yourself some tender-loving-self-care, now is the time to do so.

For Pleasurable Mornings

Mornings are about being slow, taking stock of the day ahead, setting intentions and other activities that ground us to handle the world outside our walls. Start your morning off with a self-massage post-shower with Quim Happy Clam - an everyday oil designed to keep your vulva happy, healthy and moisturized.This unique oil contains CBD (derived from organically grown hemp) which helps moisturize the vulva and alleviate inflammation and pain. Next, consider fortifying your morning coffee or tea with our Organic Rose Powder, which will help open up your heart to lead with compassion through the challenges and excitements coming for you. Before you leave the house, take an extra few minutes of silence and fill your nose with the scents of copal, hemp seed and palo santo in our Meditation Oil. 

For Personal Strength

We could all use an extra strong dose of strength right about now as we wrap up the year and make plans for 2021. Bring Paige Novick Strength Oil into your daily ritual of meditation and self-love. Start your day by rolling a little strength oil on your chest, wrists and neck, take deep breaths and get ready to meet the day head-on. Infused with tourmaline crystals, this special oil will also act as an energetic bodyguard against any negative energy.


For Manifesting

The end of the year gives us a chance to indulge in reflection and the little moments that bring us pleasure and happiness. Maybe taking one full hour for yourself seems too indulgent, but think about how often you spend an hour doing meaningless things for others- in the grand scheme, it’s only a blip in time and means that your bordering-on-empty cup becomes full again. Set the scene with candles, scents, warmth, privacy and anything else that makes you feel gratified. Turn on your body slowly using our Arouse Stimulating Serum, followed by the playful handling of The Heart Slim rose-quartz crystal dildo wand. This not only opens up your sexual energy channels but also warms your heart centers, allowing love to settle deeply inside. Finish the ritual hour with a hot cup of brewed Blue Lotus Tea to calm your system before bedtime for some delicious dreamscapes.