What are Chakrubs? An Introduction to Crystal Sex Toys

What are Chakrubs? An Introduction to Crystal Sex Toys

Pleasure can be meditative. Learn how crystal toys can help awaken parts of you sexuality that could use a little more love.

By: Arielle Aquino

Chakrubs are designed to help you experience deep and subtle pleasures within your body. While external vibrators are about intensity and are focused on clitoral stimulation, Chakrubs are different. As an internal toy, the feeling may be deeper, it may be fuller, it may be more intense or less. No matter what, Chakrubs will definitely help you explore some other pleasure zones which are often neglected.

If you are used to vibratory stimulation, we encourage you to explore a non-vibrating toy. At The Sensualist, we believe in exploring both types of sensation - the intense and the subtle; the external and the internal. These different types of exploration awaken different parts of sensuality, and you’ll experience yourself in new ways with each use. 

The Chakrubs experience is a practice in paying attention to the subtleties of your body and your arousal. It will show you just how your arousal changes depending on mood, energy level, time of day and part of your cycle. You may be able to use your self-pleasure session as a means of becoming clear on how your external experience is affecting your internal. You may also find that the experience is a practice in meditation - finding pleasure with a Chakrubs wand means you'll have to practice tuning out the outside world, and going within. This practice will help you connect more deeply with your sensuality as you begin to uncover new pieces of yourself. 

Chakrubs aren’t like other dildo-style toys that are made of silicone. For me, the softer texture of silicone gives a feeling of being “filled up", while the solid crystal gives a sense of being held. It’s as if the crystal is gently but firmly holding you and creating a feeling of safety.

The first time you hold a Chakrubs toy in your hands, you will notice how surprisingly heavy for its size it is. My experience has been that the weight of this toy helps ground the user in the experience. Once I experienced its weight inside me, I became consciously aware of the power of the crystal. 

Whether or not you believe in the healing powers of crystals doesn’t matter for play with these toys. Chakrubs are for anyone who is drawn to their beauty. When I first encountered Chakrubs, I wasn’t well-versed in different types of crystals. In fact, I didn’t even know at first sight that these sex toys were natural crystals; I just loved that they looked so ancient and natural. Chakrubs seemed feminine and mysterious. 

Later when I learned that each crystal was intended to activate and help heal different parts of oneself I was intrigued. Though I wasn’t very familiar with crystals, I appreciated the intention put into each sex toy - objects that are often created without much consideration.

Now, I personally love working with crystals and learning about the function of each one. For example, the Prism is made of clear quartz and is used to enhance clarity and intuition. The Heart is intended to dissolve anger and resentment. You can find information about what each crystal is used for on the product pages of our website.

Your experience with crystals is unique to you. You may immediately feel a surge when you touch one or you may feel nothing at all. You may believe in their magic or you may not. Regardless of whether or not you believe in crystals, crystals really are for everyone. Just reading the suggested use behind each one gives you an intention to focus on during your meditation or pleasure session. 

Your experience with crystal toys is up to you. If you’re attracted to one particular crystal - there’s a reason. Follow your natural intuition and see what happens when you allow your inner voice to lead. I like to read about the powers of the particular crystal before I use it. Sometimes I feel completely connected to its meaning, other times I don’t, but I still have an incredible experience. 

In any case, Chakrubs are simply beautiful objects, and at The Sensualist we believe in honoring beautiful craftsmanship, artistry and intention. We seek the most beautiful products that arouse our senses and honor our sensuality, made by passionate and dedicated artists. Your sensuality is beautiful - choose products that celebrate it.