What is Sacred Sexuality? An Intro

What is Sacred Sexuality? An Intro

Wondering what the idea of "sacred sexuality" is all about? Read Emily Cummings' introductory article on the history behind this concept, plus some practices you can incorporate into your next session.

By: Emily Cummings

Sacred Sexuality is a practice of understanding and relating to our own energy, and deepening our connections that we share with others through Sacred Spiritual practices. It is the process of harnessing and utilizing our sexual energy for transformational, spiritual, and alchemical purposes. 

A Brief History of Sacred Sexuality 

The Mystery School teachings were religious initiations and rites performed in the Cult of the Goddess Isis. It is believed by some, that Mary Magdalen was an initiate of the Cult of Isis, and that she and Yeshua (Jesus) practiced Sacred Sex magic together. Women who were raised in these teachings were brought into ceremony upon first receiving their menstrual cycle. This time in a woman’s life was celebrated, as an important time for young girls to learn about the beauty and magic of female sexuality from their elders.

Tuning Into Your Body

The practice of Sacred Sexuality begins as an individual. As a woman we begin by connecting to our natural cycles. It can be helpful to notice how our bodies, and moods change through each phase of our cycle, as well as how our cycles connect to the natural world. Many women experience their cycles in connection with the cycles of the moon. It was believed in some ancient practices that women were the most fertile and empowered in their feminine energy during the full moon. 

Sacred Sexuality is a practice in understanding how we work with energy. Feminine energy, or yin energy, is the energy of receptivity. If we think of how the sexual organs of the human body work, the natural order is for the sperm to seek out the egg. The egg waits, and provides the container for fertilization. Feminine and masculine energy, or yang energy, naturally follow this same pattern. The feminine provides the container, and in practices of Sacred Sexuality, we learn to open ourselves fully to be receptive to masculine sexual energy. When we speak in terms of energy, people of all genders can express both yin and yang energy. 

When we think of sex in a modern patriarchal context, we have become desensitized and disconnected to the experience of connecting with our bodies authentically, and with others deeply. Sex has become a product consumed en masse, and much of it is rooted in energies of shame, objectification, and ego gratification. 

Sacred Sexual Practices and Rituals 

There are several ways for a woman to learn to embody her sexuality first as an individual.

These practices can include:

  • Embodied movement practices like yoga which teach you to feel comfortable in your own skin, and to stay present with the experience of being in your body
  • Sacred sexual practices like teaching yourself to truly self pleasure- This can mean taking your time and getting to know your body, using sexual practices much like meditation, to deepen a sense of energetic awareness, and start to become aware of what is actually going on in the mind and body during sexual experiences. Self pleasure can be an incredible way to begin to understand how to work with energy, as well as a wonderful tool for understanding ourselves and our connections better. The sacred sexuality practices of self pleasure can help us to manifest our deepest desires into our lives, as sexual energy is powerful, life creating energy.
  • Clearing your own energy field - This can be done through the use of crystals, baths, and smoke smudges, as well through meditation practices where you cut energy cords and imagine yourself bathed in pure light. Learning to heal your own energy first, clears the stage for you to manifest and call in partners who will treat your energy with love and respect.
  • Kundalini meditation practices - One simple way to practice this is to sit in meditation and to imagine moving energy from the base of your spine to the crown of your head as you breathe in, and then imagine moving the energy back down the spine as you breath out. As you connect this practice to the breath, you create a cycle of moving energy from the lower chakras, up towards the crown and our connection to source energy. 

Inviting In a Partner

When a woman is fully embodied in her own sexual sovereignty, she invites in only energy that is in balance with her energy. Together, the process of merging their energies creates an energetic alchemy, that is truly magical. When both partners understand how to work with sex magic, and both partners are able to surrender to the experience, the energies merge together, creating a feeling of oneness with each other, as well as with God.

The Kundalini Meditation Practice for Deeper Partner Connection: 

Start sitting comfortably across from one another with your hands on each other’s knees. 

Look into each other’s eyes and let your breath meet and match each other’s rhythm. 

This practice may be done with couples of any gender combination. Choose one partner to represent the masculine (yang) energy and one partner to represent the feminine (yin) energy. As you breathe in, you both imagine moving the energy up the yin partner’s spine to the crown of their head, and then down the yang partner’s spine to their root chakra. 

Do several rounds of breath with this pattern, and then switch direction. 

Notice any feelings or discomfort that arises. 

This can be a powerful tool both for connecting with your own body and energy, as well as deepening your connection to your partner.

When we practice Sacred Sexuality sexual experiences become spiritual experiences, or expressions of God through the human body. Orgasms, in french are known as “little deaths.” This is because when orgasm is achieved it is the ultimate release of life force energy, and can feel like a total surrender of the ego self. Part of being with a partner who is in balance with your energy is understanding that yin energy moves slowly and takes time to rise, whereas yang energy moves with quick intensity. Partners who understand this, can work together to delay the male orgasm, in order to prolong pleasure for both partners. The practice of moving energy from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and creating an energetic cycle between both partners can be practiced during the act of sex. 

The practice of Sacred Sexuality is all about connecting to our spiritual selves, and learning to express the most profound pleasure, and deep sense of connection to both ourselves and to our partners. When practiced as an individual, these practices open the door to healing, magic, and manifestation of our deepest desires. When practiced with a partner, the alchemy of our energies can literally shift the vibrational frequency of the world around us. Working with our sexual, sacral energy empowers us to be our most creative and vibrant selves, and to show up in service to the world in our highest capacity. In the story passed down through the Cult of Isis, of Yeshua and the Magdalen, it was the combining of the divine masculine with his divine feminine that empowered Christ Consciousness. 

Don’t be afraid to start slowly as you begin to open the door to a Sacred Sexual practice. Move at your own pace and comfort level, as embodying this work becomes a lifelong journey of pleasure and self discovery.


The Magdalen Manuscript - The Alchemies of Horus & The Sex Magic of Isis, By Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion 

 Photo by Inna Shnayder