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What is The Sensualist®?

We're a movement in celebration of the art of sensuality. We're dedicated to helping you experience greater overall pleasure and connection to your life-force energy aka: sexual energy.

Did you know that sexual energy is not just for sex? Sexual energy is the source of your creativity, passion, love, self-expression, confidence and drive. And everything we do at The Sensualist is to get you to connect with your sexual energy regularly. 

How does one do that? Through sensual practices. Sensual practices come in many forms - sexual and non-sexual - and we're here to help you create your own practices that will lead to a more pleasurable life.

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Share Your Experience

Our blog is written by our community, not by "experts".

The goal is to bring people together in the name of vulnerability. We’re doing this by collecting stories from peers, friends and colleagues who are excited to share their experiences and wisdom about sex, pleasure, sensuality, love, relationships, self-care and everything in between.

Write your story to bring more honesty and resonance to the conversation. You may choose to remain anonymous.

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Our Founder

It's our pleasure to introduce you to Arielle: our founder and Sensualist-in-Chief. Arielle's purpose in life is to create moments of sensual pleasure for the purpose of connection, healing and play.

"Sensuality to me is simply the way one experiences pleasure by engaging with their different senses. Sensuality can be the slow, deliberate experience of dressing to turn yourself on. It can be the experience of eating consciously to delight your mouth and tastebuds. Sensuality can also be experienced in the way you touch your lover, look at art, or smell your favorite candle. It's simply about bringing more presence to the senses in order to slow down, become more conscious and enjoy the pleasures of life to the fullest."

Learn more about Arielle and her view on sensuality here.

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Our Purpose

We exist to bring the art of the senses into the wellness space. We're here to support you in exploring your own unique sensuality. We celebrate the journey, instead of an end-goal.

Our website is a place for you to discover products recommendations, gain information and be inspired by others' stories. The Sensualist aims to bring community to our most human experience- the sensual experience.

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Our Vision

Our vision is a place where sensuality is appreciated as a vital part of overall wellness. Our vision is to create room for us to be vulnerable with one another, to experiment and to enjoy the journey of sensual exploration.