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We're building community around sensuality and we would love for you to join in! We pride ourselves on offering content written by our own community, rather than a panel of "experts". When it comes to sex and sensuality, we believe there are no experts, and that every person is simply on their own beautiful journey.

Each of us has a unique story and perspective worth sharing, so why not share yours? You never know who will be inspired by what you have to say.

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Guide for writing:

Format: feel free to express your thoughts in any format or length you choose. We welcome essays, how-to guides, stories, poems/songs etc.

Anonymity: You may choose to write anonymously or have your name and a short bio published with your piece.

Some ideas for topics to get you started:

  • Sexual fluidity
  • Sensuality & self-confidence
  • Sex during pregnancy/post-pregnancy
  • Sex after divorce
  • Open relationships
  • Introducing sex toys into the bedroom
  • Relationship to porn
  • The beauty in holding boundaries
  • Self-care & connecting with your personal sensuality
  • Masturbating: your path to self-discovery

Or create your own topic!

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