The Sensualist Artist Appreciation Program


From Day 1, The Sensualist has been all about going inward, self-care, reflection and finding pleasure everyday - even throughout trauma, grief, fear and stress. It has been about connecting with your deep capacity for pleasure, joy, love and creativity by simply bringing more awareness to your senses. 

Ever since COVID-19 erupted, this has become all the more relevant to me. My own practices were tested and I had to practice what I preach- finding space for sensuality and self-care even in times of fear. This has been a beautiful experience of growth for myself and for the evolution of The Sensualist message.

The Sensualist has also been focused on creating community around sensuality with those who share our values.

Values like: empowering the feminine energy, championing self-expression, sexual liberation, bringing sex and sensuality into the wider wellness conversation. We believe in unleashing the power that comes from cultivating sexual energy is what brings our community together. Our goal has been to bring aligned individuals and brands together in one place to share their gifts, offerings, stories and art. We are here to co-create and we can all inspire one another on our individual journeys.

Since COVID-19 I’ve thought a lot about this community of people. They inspire us, teach us and provide so much healing and information to our community. Many of them are artists, photographers, spiritual guides, activists, creators, coaches, educators, event producers, models, mystics and more who often rely on physical proximity to practice their work. With shelter in place, I understand how their businesses may be affected.

We are a small company- just launched 6 months ago. We don't have huge budgets or lots of capital to spare, but I realized we needed to do anything we could to support these individuals. Without them, The Sensualist does not exist, and without them, the world is a far less pleasurable place.

We are launching The Sensualist Artist Appreciation Program to help support people working in the space of sensuality during this time. 20% of revenue from product and gift card sales made between April 1st - July 1st will be set aside for this program and at the end of the period, we’ll match dollar-for-dollar what was raised by your orders.

I'm sure you've seen the memes and articles about how people are staying home and spending more time masturbating during this period of isolation… it’s true and it’s amazing! Self-pleasure is good for you! It releases feel-good hormones, it boosts your immune system and alleviates stress*. We are big proponents of the benefits of masturbation and offer the most highly-vetted products for that; but we also have tools for pleasure rituals around self-massage, meditation, relaxation and inspiration. This is the perfect time to try something new!

To apply to participate in The Sensualist Artist Appreciation Program, please fill out our short survey here. It is open to anyone working in the broader field of sexuality, wellness, spirituality or feminine empowerment, which may include:



Tantra practitioner

Spiritual guide

Sex worker






We’re capping this at 50 applicants so be sure to get your application in ASAP, before June 1! We’ll distribute the money raised evenly between approved participants by the end of July.

**Please note that all names will be published on our website and you’ll receive your distribution by Venmo or Paypal.

Our reach is still small and we would like to open this up to as many people as we can. Please help us reach more people by spreading the word and sharing on your social accounts. The more our products satisfy new clientele, the more our funding match can provide support to our artist community! And please consider gifting yourself or a loved one the gift of sensuality during this time. We all need it now more than ever.

With love,